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To Keep Inside

Hey! New series, second painting.     Five points and a gold star to the first person who guesses the inspiration for this series. This painting was again from one of the group of boards that I prepared a while … Continue reading

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Empty Silhouettes

Remember all those boards I was preparing? Well, this is one of them. Talk about mixed media… It’s all in there but the fabric. It’s hard to capture the depth of this in a photograph, but I’m pretty pleased with … Continue reading

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Bernina Cozy, Part 2

Sometimes, you just have to let paint dry overnight. That’s what I had to do today, so to make myself feel like a super accomplished person, I decided to just make the stupid sewing machine cover. Yes, I know that … Continue reading

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Studio needs

After doing a considerable amount of long overdue studio organization over the past few weeks, I have realized that space is not my primary issue. Of course, I could always use more, but there are other, more important (and more … Continue reading

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Bad studio day (a.k.a. water hates me)

Today is a bad water day in the Yarost studio. Not only am I having studio flooding from the torrential rain that has been falling all day, but I managed to capsize *two* containers of water on my drafting table, … Continue reading

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My beloved monster

    So, maybe I haven’t dyed my own fabric to make a dress from scratch this weekend, but I have been busy. I reworked my reworking of my drawing and created this painting. I should reassure the world that … Continue reading

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Dyeing in Process

Arranging fabric on pulley system in preparation for dyeing.  Yup, pulley works.  Yay! Fabric being dyed main color: teal blue that doesn’t really look teal. Under-dyeing with ombre technique using teal blue. About an hour later: Over-dyeing in bronze using … Continue reading

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Works in progress

Here are three of the many pieces I’m working on for ArtScene, which is a city-wide Art show hosted twice a year in Rockford. Spring ArtScene is April 15 & 16.

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Hanger covers, the alternative to destructive behavior

After my software’s fourth crash of the day, I realized that I had the choice of either shoving my fist through my monitor or stepping away from the computer and making something with my hands. Since I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Big Ole Pincushion

I decided, for no particular reason, to make a pincushion today. I have a new box of pins, so why not? My main concern was how to fill it. I don’t like pincushions filled with polyfill or batting pieces because … Continue reading

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