Bernina Cozy, Part 2

Bernina Cozy, almost finished

Sometimes, you just have to let paint dry overnight. That’s what I had to do today, so to make myself feel like a super accomplished person, I decided to just make the stupid sewing machine cover.

Yes, I know that I had already done a great deal of work on all the little bits and pieces for a different cover, but that one still wasn’t finished, and this fabric wasn’t going to be made into anything else, thanks to a little water damage.

Actually, I don’t know why I bought this fabric. I remember buying it at a Field’s Fabrics tent sale a few years ago, but I’m not sure what I had in mind for it. Curtains? I don’t know. Anyway, There were at least three yards of it, and I never did manage to get the water stains out of the whole thing. The water-stained stuff is on the inside of the cover.

So, here’s a little tutorial on how to make a machine cover:

  1. Measure the distance around your machine, divide by two, and add a couple of inches. This is how wide your fabric will be.
  2. Measure from the table up, over the top of your machine, back down to the table on the other side. Add a few inches. This is how long your fabric will be.
  3. Cut out two pieces of fabric and a piece of batting to the size you determined. Make a quilting sandwich and quilt the crap out of it.
  4. Fold the fabric in half so that the two lengthwise edges touch, then sew up the sides.
  5. Use a hard ruler to measure your machine width from front to back at the top.
  6. Use that measurement to make a flat “bottom” by following the instructions here:
  7. Place your bag on your machine and cut out areas that don’t fit, like the section I removed for the quilting table.
  8. (This is the part I haven’t done yet) Finish the edges by applying bias tape. I don’t have any that matches, so I’ll have to make my own (because I don’t want to buy any).

And there you have it: a sewing machine cover. Almost finished.

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