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Save the Internet This site is protesting SOPA/PIPA, the bills that would close down the free exchange of information on the Internet. This serious threat to free exchange of information would allow sites to be shut down for even the suspicion of … Continue reading

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Every time I hear somebody complain about being wished “Happy Holidays” I wonder if they think God is so fragile that He will be destroyed by people using inclusive greetings.

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Hey, Stalker!

Harassment includes posts from your friends, too. I can tell where they come from, you know. And I will use them as evidence.

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Stalking Laws, Updated

Stalking is an increasingly common problem for women, particularly since the development of new technology, including cell phones and the Internet, that make communication, mass communication, harassment and intimidation easier for potential stalkers. Contrary to popular belief, most stalkers are … Continue reading

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