Save the Internet

This site is protesting SOPA/PIPA, the bills that would close down the free exchange of information on the Internet. This serious threat to free exchange of information would allow sites to be shut down for even the suspicion of copyright infringement, even if those copyright violations are committed by viewers who post comments.

What does this mean? It means the end of YouTube, FaceBook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Twitter, and many other user-supplied content sites.

It means that if somebody disagreed with what you said on a site, all they would have to do is organize a posting of copyright-infringing material in the comments section in order to get the government to shut the site down.

It means that the United States of America will be subject to the same censorship mechanisms as citizens of China.

And they have a good chance of passing, unless we take action NOW. They have heavy backing from the entertainment lobbies.

These bills MUST be defeated, or the Internet as we now know it will be a memory – a memory that we won’t be able to read about online.

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