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Pesto Pestival

Over the weekend I was gifted a bag of cilantro and a bag of garlic mustard.  I say “gifted” because I’ve recently learned that both plants have great potential to help me in my continued healing from MCS (Multiple Chemical … Continue reading

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Juki and Me

I recently bought a used machine quilting frame, complete with a quasi-industrial Juki 98E. It has a longer throat space than my Bernina has, and it sews much faster.  Unfortunately, it was missing bobbins when I bought it, so I … Continue reading

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Plumber Belly

6:10 Decide that it’s time to replace the leaking faucet and realize this could take several days. Got consultation at 6:15 Ask sweetheart–who is busy building a sauna–if there’s anything I need to know about replacing faucets since I’ve … Continue reading

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Room to Grow – Seed Starting

I have wanted to start seeds since beginning to garden oh so many years ago.  I’ve made a few lame attempts that ended in failure or, more often, I just don’t get around to it early enough.  I also have … Continue reading

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iPhone use #463

Proving to the cashier that your books are supposed to be 40% off. The folks at my local JoAnn fabrics are great. They are always friendly and helpful, despite not-so-great hours, not-so-great pay, and not-always-so-great customers. When my book purchase … Continue reading

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