Plumber Belly

6:10 Decide that it’s time to replace the leaking faucet and realize this could take several days. Got consultation at

6:15 Ask sweetheart–who is busy building a sauna–if there’s anything I need to know about replacing faucets since I’ve never done it.

6:16 Annoy sweetheart who thinks he ought to be doing this for me and told that it’s really hard to fit under the sink and that this task involves a lot of swearing.

6:20 Discover that I fit really well under a sink.  Piece of cake.

Before. Yes that's vet wrap (aka: horseman's duct tape) covering the leak.

6:35 Call brother since dad isn’t home–so as to avoid annoying sweetheart again–to see if he has any clever ideas for removing difficult faucet nuts.

6:38 Lots of hammering followed by some swearing.

6:45 Take break.  Feed horses.

7:00 Hammering followed by some swearing.  Wishing the basing wrench would stop slipping off the nut.

7:05 Cursing the practices of previous homeowner, the engineering of ridiculously thin nuts and the  slipping basin wrench

7:15 Drink beer and search internet for a better tool (there isn’t one, but found this interesting site Tom Sondergeld Plumbing instead, lots of useful things)

8:00 More hammering followed by some hallelujahs.  Install new faucet.

9:00 Check for leaks and clean up a little.

9:30 Drink beer and decide that cleaning can wait until morning.

After. My first new faucet. The sprayer is also a novelty.

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2 Responses to Plumber Belly

  1. Mark says:

    Hooray! and sadly welcome to my world of home repair. Pro-tip, use BOTH Pipe dope AND PTFE tape to ensure a good (the best – most leak proof) seal.
    and PTFE Tape/ Teflon Tape

    • Rebecca Fox says:

      Oy! Cars and houses. What’s the point? Thanks for the tips, Mark. Thanks to the annoyed sweetheart, I didn’t forget the tape and didn’t even have to spend a half hour looking for my stash (“Now where did I put that?”) because he had some in his truck.

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