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Blog Love

Need a laugh? Hop on over to “What Not To Crochet” It’s made of happiness!! Caftan – huh?.

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Hanger covers, the alternative to destructive behavior

After my software’s fourth crash of the day, I realized that I had the choice of either shoving my fist through my monitor or stepping away from the computer and making something with my hands. Since I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Big Ole Pincushion

I decided, for no particular reason, to make a pincushion today. I have a new box of pins, so why not? My main concern was how to fill it. I don’t like pincushions filled with polyfill or batting pieces because … Continue reading

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The second easiest book you’ll ever make

The pamphlet stitch binding is a classic, and one of the simplest you can use. In an effort to use oddball studio droppings, like an 18″x24″ piece of watercolor paper on which I had doodled while laid up from a … Continue reading

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Dreaming of personal peace

Paper fabric, painted and inked. Quilted onto sandwich and mounted on canvas stretcher.

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Sewing with expletives

I love sewing shows. When I used to watch TV, I would always tune in to “Sewing with Nancy,” a wonderful PBS show featuring Nancy Zieman. My friend Jen and I have our own version of this show we call … Continue reading

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Stalking Laws, Updated

Stalking is an increasingly common problem for women, particularly since the development of new technology, including cell phones and the Internet, that make communication, mass communication, harassment and intimidation easier for potential stalkers. Contrary to popular belief, most stalkers are … Continue reading

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Bernina cozy tutorial, part one

As you recall, I found an unpleasant surprise when I recently used my Bernina. In order to protect her from further acts of desecration, I have embarked upon a project to make a Bernina Cozy. I’m making this way more … Continue reading

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Show me your mess!

This… is my studio.¬†Yes, it’s a mess. I admit it. I’m not sure it does me any credit to say that this is 45 minutes cleaner than it was when I got home from work yesterday. When we moved about … Continue reading

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The nightmare

So, I had this dream last night that I was living in some sort of giant steel treehouse in the Star Wars universe, and I was, like, getting ready to take a trip. So I was, um, sorting through my … Continue reading

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