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(Stash)BUSTED – Knowing what you have

I decided to start on my book- and stash-busting project by tidying up and getting a handle on what fabric I owned. This may take a while. I shall consider it an ongoing project. This is what over 100 yards … Continue reading

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I’m back, after a long, long sabbatical from blogging, to start a new project. As a quilter and an artist, I tend to collect (hoard) things. Most notably, I have an affinity for books. My fabric stash is at StABLE … Continue reading

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Blue Balls: Christmas Gift-making Craze Revisited

    In December, my sweetheart, hoping that I’d find a good use for it, gave me a favored blue sweater that, sadly, clothes moths had ruined.  What to do, what to do with an old, moth-eaten sweater and a scrap wool … Continue reading

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Tea Cozy

Sometimes making art is about as exciting as watching paint dry. This is usually when I am literally watching paint dry. During times like these, it is good to know that I possess the materials and skills necessary to create … Continue reading

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Almost Persuaded

    I made this tonight after doing a little more organizing and working on an unfinished project with which I am not sure what to do. The background fabric is unbleached muslin that I “dyed” using watered down acrylic … Continue reading

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Hanger covers, the alternative to destructive behavior

After my software’s fourth crash of the day, I realized that I had the choice of either shoving my fist through my monitor or stepping away from the computer and making something with my hands. Since I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Big Ole Pincushion

I decided, for no particular reason, to make a pincushion today. I have a new box of pins, so why not? My main concern was how to fill it. I don’t like pincushions filled with polyfill or batting pieces because … Continue reading

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Bernina cozy tutorial, part one

As you recall, I found an unpleasant surprise when I recently used my Bernina. In order to protect her from further acts of desecration, I have embarked upon a project to make a Bernina Cozy. I’m making this way more … Continue reading

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The things you find…

This is a potholder. I made it this weekend using a couple of orphan blocks and a section of a retired bath towel. Not only did this project net me a new potholder, (of which I am always short), but … Continue reading

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