Big Ole Pincushion

I decided, for no particular reason, to make a pincushion today. I have a new box of pins, so why not?

My main concern was how to fill it. I don’t like pincushions filled with polyfill or batting pieces because they’re too light and the pins don’t like going into them well. Tomato pincushions are filled with sawdust, of which I currently have none in the house. Well, except inside my tomato pincushion.

I finally settled for Swheat Scoop cat litter, although rice would probably have worked just as well.

It’s a fancy pincushion to be sure, and that button on the top hides the fact that those seven points don’t all meet perfectly in the center. Embellishments are a girl’s best friend.

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2 Responses to Big Ole Pincushion

  1. david says:

    I hope Pauline doesn’t get confused

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