The second easiest book you’ll ever make

The pamphlet stitch binding is a classic, and one of the simplest you can use. In an effort to use oddball studio droppings, like an 18″x24″ piece of watercolor paper on which I had doodled while laid up from a broken ankle, I decided to make it into a little journal booklet.

I cut the paper into 6 pieces, each measuring 6×12″. Then, because I can’t find my bone folder in my messy studio, I used the back of a spoon to crease each sheet in half so that it measured 6×6″ when it was closed.

I stacked the sheets inside each other, then used an awl to punch three somewhat evenly spaced holes in the crease.

I threaded a darning needle with thick cotton string. Starting from the outside, I sewed into the center hole, leaving a long tail of string on the outside of the spine. Then I sewed out one of the end holes, and back in through the other end hole, then out the center hole again.

With one string end on each side of the long stitch, I tied a knot in the two string tails.

TaDa! It’s the second easiest book you’ll ever make, just like Rebecca taught me. Thanks, Rebecca!

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