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Failure to Identify the Appropriate Renewable Resource.

Too bad the brainchild for this comic didn’t know that US currency is made out of cotton and linen.  The short fibers and acidity of a wood pulp dollar wouldn’t last very long.  So much for credibility.

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Lipstick? What’s that?

I saw this lipstick case at a garage sale and bought it to use as a headphone case. Instead, I discovered that it is the perfect size to hold my Voyager 17 longarm bobbins! Funny that it never occurred to … Continue reading

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Taking the Longarm by the Horns

This weekend I had the joy of visiting with a long-time friend. Syma finished her first quilt, and asked if she could come over to quilt it on my frame. Of course, the answer was YES, since that meant that … Continue reading

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Stay Cool!

The heat wave continues, but our hero the demon baby has found a way to keep cool! Happy Independence Day to those who live in the USA!

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