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The French-Canadian Fur-Trapper Wizard Coat

This is my first attempt at creating a coat out of felted, reconstructed wool sweaters.  It was also one of my first serger creations.  Who but me would go from scarves directly to the challenge of a giant, sweater coat? … Continue reading

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The Sweetheart Sweater

Remember the post about laundry on the line in winter?  This is the sweater I reconstructed for my sweetheart as a Valentine’s Day gift using recycled wool sweaters.  He’s been gifting me wool sweaters whenever he finds them.  He’d given … Continue reading

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Lipstick? What’s that?

I saw this lipstick case at a garage sale and bought it to use as a headphone case. Instead, I discovered that it is the perfect size to hold my Voyager 17 longarm bobbins! Funny that it never occurred to … Continue reading

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Taking the Longarm by the Horns

This weekend I had the joy of visiting with a long-time friend. Syma finished her first quilt, and asked if she could come over to quilt it on my frame. Of course, the answer was YES, since that meant that … Continue reading

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Blue Balls: Christmas Gift-making Craze Revisited

    In December, my sweetheart, hoping that I’d find a good use for it, gave me a favored blue sweater that, sadly, clothes moths had ruined.  What to do, what to do with an old, moth-eaten sweater and a scrap wool … Continue reading

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I finished sewing half the blocks for my new project, and I hope to finish the other half tonight. I’ve been collecting and scheming with this fabric for a while. It’s so exciting!

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I am so glad I was able to finish this block today. My head must have been in the wrong place for working on it, because I ended up doing a fair amount of “un-sewing” while completing it. I think … Continue reading

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Strawberry basket

Hey, look! It’s another quilt block from the Farmers Wife Quilt! This one is also paper pieced. I really like the more modern fabrics.

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Pretty, pretty points!

One of the women at the last club meeting said that it takes as long to choose the fabric as it does to make the block. To her I say, “REALLY?”

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Freehand Feathers

Block number three. This free-motion machine quilting design was done without marking or guides. I did, however, prepare for it by drawing feathers on about twenty pages of a composition book while waiting for videos to upload. This is why … Continue reading

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