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I’m back, after a long, long sabbatical from blogging, to start a new project. As a quilter and an artist, I tend to collect (hoard) things. Most notably, I have an affinity for books. My fabric stash is at StABLE … Continue reading

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Lucky Me!

Back in the day, when it was cool to be on AOL, my handle was OLuckyMe. I no longer have the handle, but I am, indeed, very lucky. Don’t worry; this is not one of those long, gratuitous gratitude posts. … Continue reading

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Happy Feet – Batting edition

If you’ve made even one quilt, you have narrow strips of batting. Sometimes they’re just shy of the size you need for a wall hanging, purse, or anything else. WHAT TO DO? You can join these pieces of batting together … Continue reading

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Happy Feet – Quilt Binding Edition

The Problem I hate binding quilts. It’s the one thing about quilting that feels like drudgery to me. It takes a long time to do it the traditional way, and it is difficult to get great results if you do … Continue reading

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Lipstick? What’s that?

I saw this lipstick case at a garage sale and bought it to use as a headphone case. Instead, I discovered that it is the perfect size to hold my Voyager 17 longarm bobbins! Funny that it never occurred to … Continue reading

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Taking the Longarm by the Horns

This weekend I had the joy of visiting with a long-time friend. Syma finished her first quilt, and asked if she could come over to quilt it on my frame. Of course, the answer was YES, since that meant that … Continue reading

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My first “jelly roll” quilt

There is a fun quilt technique I learned about at the quilt shop the other day. Excuse me for being behind the times, but when I heard about the 1600 jelly roll race quilt, I had to try it. You … Continue reading

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If you have an idea in the forest…

There is a clever little quilt technique and pattern that I’m seeing everywhere right now. It’s becoming a little bit of a fad, and it may actually be something new. And you know what? Every time I see it, it … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract

I finished the rest of the blocks for my bed runner last night. There are 56 eight-inch blocks total, using fourteen different prints, plus the solid, which JoAnn sells as a “tea dyed muslin”. I’m interested to see how the … Continue reading

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I finished sewing half the blocks for my new project, and I hope to finish the other half tonight. I’ve been collecting and scheming with this fabric for a while. It’s so exciting!

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