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Cookie Pusher

It’s amusing to see adults get excited about buying Girl Scout cookies. Happy is the Girl Scout who has access to a large corporate office. To her go the spoils. Seriously, this is a great cause. If you’re looking for … Continue reading

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Quintessential, Wisconsin

This incident courtesy of Rebecca and her sweetie, who is learning to limit his words to three syllables or fewer when shopping for cheese.

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Blue Balls: Christmas Gift-making Craze Revisited

    In December, my sweetheart, hoping that I’d find a good use for it, gave me a favored blue sweater that, sadly, clothes moths had ruined.  What to do, what to do with an old, moth-eaten sweater and a scrap wool … Continue reading

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Embrace the Dork Side!

You, too, can be the envy of all your friends! Thanks to me, (not really, but let’s pretend) sock monkey hats are a “Thing!” $9 for an Adult Size Sock Monkey Knit Hat with Poly-Fleece Lining in Brown or Gray. … Continue reading

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Beverage of choice

Clearly the answer is to drink beer at work.

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I’ve got your back

It’s like nobody telling you that there’s something in your teeth… only ten times worse.

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Feelin’ the Office Love

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Save the Internet This site is protesting SOPA/PIPA, the bills that would close down the free exchange of information on the Internet. This serious threat to free exchange of information would allow sites to be shut down for even the suspicion of … Continue reading

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Room to Grow II

Finally it’s after the holidays, and I can start posting all of the presents I made–and grew–without fear of spoiling the surprise.  While I was ordering spring bulbs for a garden design job I had in October, I decided that my family … Continue reading

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Good neighbors

Mom and I were driving home through the country in the dark after our shopping trip, when we approached a stop sign. There was something very large in the road. As I had been watching for deer, my brain shorted … Continue reading

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