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The Sun Never Says, “You Owe Me.”

Inevitably, when I mention solar as an energy source, someone–usually my brother–will tell me that using the sun as an energy source isn’t feasible.  My retort is always, “We’re killing ourselves and everything on the planet.  If we want electricity, … Continue reading

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I Survived the Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 21, 12:54AM.  I hear the cat rummaging around at her feeding station and I yell, “Knock it off!…Go lay down!…Go to bed!”  The crashing and thrashing continues so I resolve to get up to see what the hullaballoo … Continue reading

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Room to Grow II

Finally it’s after the holidays, and I can start posting all of the presents I made–and grew–without fear of spoiling the surprise.  While I was ordering spring bulbs for a garden design job I had in October, I decided that my family … Continue reading

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Room to Grow

On this sunny but cold, glorious winter day the amaryllis in my studio continue to reach their first buds towards the light in the warmth of my wood-fired home.  They are products of my latest endeavors.  In October I quit … Continue reading

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The Masquerade Ball

As we move into the darker, colder seasons I’m able to focus more on indoor art projects.  NMC Dance Club’s Masquerade Ball gave me the perfect opportunity to reawaken my visual-arts chops.  The base of the mask is papier mache … Continue reading

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Rooted nudes dance ever green in whirl of flurries Sheer white skirts twirling.

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Destination: The Void of Possibilities

A year in the Borderland seeking horse knowledge. Guided by hoof-struck inspiration, each mile is a day wrapped in mid-October Myst. Eleven symbols for ceremony from a wellspring of blessed water hidden in early morning Myst. Each mile is a … Continue reading

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