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The Sun Never Says, “You Owe Me.”

Inevitably, when I mention solar as an energy source, someone–usually my brother–will tell me that using the sun as an energy source isn’t feasible.  My retort is always, “We’re killing ourselves and everything on the planet.  If we want electricity, … Continue reading

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Chaos in the Garden

Chaos in the Garden Inspired by fireworks, all hell breaks loose. Seedlings, so lovingly tended, have sprouted into unruly adolescence. Spinach and lettuce, those early season darlings, have bolted in rebellion while radishes’ bright red caps push skyward, begging to … Continue reading

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Improvisational Catification

Wild-eyed run.  Seeds strewn. An Improvisational Catification.

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The Hayloft Always Feels Like Church

Spring in The Cathedral New leaves yellow-green turned over against warm, steel-grey sky Opening the rose window of the loft door, I find sanctuary from a baptism of rain. Dewlap-clad gospel singers gobble their praise of the weather as the … Continue reading

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Hummingbirds, Part II

Rebecca’s Haiku, drawn by me.

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“Earth, Wind, Water, Air”

The Spiral of Life continues with rising sun constant flow, movement.

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    Two Hummingbirds fly blessed by the Sweet Water. Devoted nectar.

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