Chaos in the Garden

Chaos in the Garden
Inspired by fireworks, all hell breaks loose.
Seedlings, so lovingly tended,
have sprouted into unruly adolescence.
Spinach and lettuce, those early season darlings,
have bolted in rebellion
while radishes’ bright red caps push skyward,
begging to be noticed.
Carefully chosen varieties of tomatoes
cross-pollinate with abandon,
abetted in their promiscuity
by those industrial anarchists, the bees.
Zucchini offer fruit like new lovers giving chocolates
– more than can possibly be consumed –
as cucumbers struggle to keep the pace.
Winter squash invade their neighbors’ beds,
flaunting giant yellow blossoms
upon leaves as large as dinner platters.
Once-frail basil crowds stubborn rosemary,
attempting in vain to intimidate its woody neighbor,
under the imperious gaze of gangly dill.
Green beans take revenge upon bullying weeds,
shoving them aside,
while sweet peas climb proud stalks of corn,
challenging these lords of the garden.
Into this jungle
    – this bit of wildness in my tidy back yard –
I wander,
the chaos of summer.
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1 Response to Chaos in the Garden

  1. Rebecca Fox says:

    Bravo! Splendid, Lisa! It expresses your excitement, emotions and enjoyment of gardening perfectly 🙂

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