Farmer’s Wife Quilt

Above is a block from “The Farmer’s Wife” quilt, from the book of the same name. The book contains designs for 111 six-inch blocks, which finish off into a full/queen-size quilt.
This definitely falls into the “millions of tiny pieces” category. I’m doing this as a year-long class/club through “Quilters General Store,” a local quilt shop. We complete nine or ten blocks each month. As part of the class, they provide additional rotary cutting and the occasional paper piecing instructions.
I have decided, however, that paper piecing is more suitable to six inch blocks with millions of pieces, for me.
So, out comes the graph paper! I draft my own paper piecing using standard quarter inch graph paper, which simplifies the drafting and makes fabric placement during sewing easier as well. I keep the blocks on their paper backing in order to make connecting them to their sashing easier, too. Millions of little pieces… One year-long project!

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