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Off the frame: London Chimes

You’ve asked for it and waited for it. Now, here it is: London Chimes, my version of the Wind Chimes quilt pattern from Nancy Zieman’s Quick Column Quilts book! I am quite pleased with the end product. It is a … Continue reading

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Announcing: winners of the Nancy Zieman Quick Column Quilts book giveaway!

Wow! We sure had a lot of entries for our book giveaway! Thanks for all the fantastic stash busting ideas. So… Here are our randomly generated winners: That means that the following people are our winners: Karan Allan and “Maye” … Continue reading

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FREE Nancy Zieman book giveaway and review!

I have several Big Deals to talk about today! (Hint: One of them involves a book giveaway!) Nancy Zieman has been a big deal to me ever since was a teenager. Her television show, Sewing with Nancy, is currently celebrating … Continue reading

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“But what about the…” or 62 Dresses and a Handful of Hypocrites

(Photo from  “Know Your Value: The official Wonderfully Made Blog” Please visit this link for a wonderful article about this organization.) I recently saw a facebook post in which a lovely 62-year-old lady was celebrating her birthday by sitting on … Continue reading

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(Stash)BUSTED! – A Keeper!

Today features my first Keeper book: Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots by Sarah Fielke I love books with pretty pictures. I think nearly all quilters are suckers for a pretty book, due to our visual nature. This one … Continue reading

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(Stash)BUSTED – Knowing what you have

I decided to start on my book- and stash-busting project by tidying up and getting a handle on what fabric I owned. This may take a while. I shall consider it an ongoing project. This is what over 100 yards … Continue reading

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I’m back, after a long, long sabbatical from blogging, to start a new project. As a quilter and an artist, I tend to collect (hoard) things. Most notably, I have an affinity for books. My fabric stash is at StABLE … Continue reading

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Jewelry display frame tutorial

Whether you want to display a collection of vintage jewelry or you just hate to hide your favorite pieces while you’re not wearing them, this jewelry frame may be your answer! Made from an old picture frame and a few … Continue reading

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Thread Love

Today I’m showing some love for the incredible artist, Christophe Thockler, who created the beautiful stop-motion animation video for the Black Books song, “Favorite Place”. The video, which features hundreds of spools of thread, hundreds of needles and pins, and … Continue reading

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Lucky Me!

Back in the day, when it was cool to be on AOL, my handle was OLuckyMe. I no longer have the handle, but I am, indeed, very lucky. Don’t worry; this is not one of those long, gratuitous gratitude posts. … Continue reading

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