Thread Love

Today I’m showing some love for the incredible artist, Christophe Thockler, who created the beautiful stop-motion animation video for the Black Books song, “Favorite Place”.

The video, which features hundreds of spools of thread, hundreds of needles and pins, and the ripping of thousands of embroidery stitches, has quickly been making the rounds on Facebook and various Internet sewing lists, enticing an audience that the Black Books probably never thought to court.

I, for one, am enchanted. You can see the video here:


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5 Responses to Thread Love

  1. So cool. Read it took him two months to film!
    Some quilts are like that……or longer….

    • Lisa Yarost says:

      I never know how long my quilts take because I usually work on several at a time. It’s a habit I developed from my art practice.

      He states that there are 10,000 still shots in the video. Amazing. I’m surprised it only took him two months.

  2. Rebecca Fox says:

    I’m surprised it only took two months too. So much work in that video (and in quilts)! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I have a slow connection and streaming video isn’t possible unless I can pause it and wait for it to load. SIGH. Youtube works better for me. For anyone with a slow connection, here’s the link:

  3. mom says:

    This Is so cool, l love it.

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