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Character Study

This is a character study for a book I’m working on. There’s another main character, another bird, but this is a start…

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I was explaining the concept of lossless file formats to somebody the other day, and the word got stuck in my head. Lossless. It sounds poetic and a little mysterious taken out of context. Its opposite is lossy, which sounds … Continue reading

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Just a note…

I had a terrific time at ArtScene in Rockford, IL this weekend, showing at the North Main Studios. Meghan Jones Turley ( was our organizer, and the amount of effort she puts into these shows astounds me. Not only is … Continue reading

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How to feel like a celebrity in your own home.

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be a celebrity? Well, now is your chance to experience the glamour of being stalked by paparazzi without even leaving the safety of your own home, using my PROVEN METHOD! What … Continue reading

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Tea Cozy

Sometimes making art is about as exciting as watching paint dry. This is usually when I am literally watching paint dry. During times like these, it is good to know that I possess the materials and skills necessary to create … Continue reading

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The fabric I bought along with the new pattern yesterday had stretch, and it turns out the pattern called for no stretch. As a result, I took some fabric from my stash to make up the pattern today. Even after … Continue reading

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