The fabric I bought along with the new pattern yesterday had stretch, and it turns out the pattern called for no stretch. As a result, I took some fabric from my stash to make up the pattern today.

Even after adjusting the pattern for my extra large bust, The darned thing still didn’t fit worth a hoot. WADDER! Do you know what happens to wadders at my house? They get made into something else before the end of the day, partially to prevent total demoralization, and partially to take revenge out on the offending waste of fabric.

Today’s wadder was made into this:

"Reading List Tote," made from "The New Handmade: Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style", by Cassie Barden

This little bag is smaller than what I would normally use, but heck, I think it may make a good lunch bag. It’s fully lined, and after turning the bag right side out I meticulously hand-stitched the opening in the lining closed, just like the instructions said.

Nah. April Fools! I sewed it by machine.

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