Just a note…

I had a terrific time at ArtScene in Rockford, IL this weekend, showing at the North Main Studios.

Meghan Jones Turley (http://www.megsartspot.com/) was our organizer, and the amount of effort she puts into these shows astounds me. Not only is she a great artist, but she is also a fantastic organizer.

In spite of some terrible weather, we had a very good turnout. I attribute this to Meghan’s great publicity work, and to the wonderful artists with whom I showed.

I’m excited to say that seven of my pieces found new homes this weekend! Hooray!

So, this thank you goes out to Meghan, to the ArtScene coordinators, and to my new collectors who have given three birds, one blue man, a mutant dog and cat, a monster, and a dreamy girl a new home.


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2 Responses to Just a note…

  1. David A Hutchings says:

    Salut, indeed! That dog needs to bring fear to more households and inhabit someone else’s restless nights.

  2. Meghan Turley says:

    awe! I just saw this, thanks!!!!

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