Lucky Me!

Back in the day, when it was cool to be on AOL, my handle was OLuckyMe. I no longer have the handle, but I am, indeed, very lucky.

Don’t worry; this is not one of those long, gratuitous gratitude posts. It’s just my way of saying how fortunate I feel to be able to do longarm work on charity quilts. I am excited to share a couple of quilts that I was lucky enough to finish for The Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild.



This sweet quilt is going to make some little girl very happy!


And this bright little quilt has the neatest backing! I think this one is made from the “Snaps” pattern by Amy Walsh, from the book, Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers.
I had so much fun finishing these cheerful quilts that I can’t wait until the next batch shows up!

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2 Responses to Lucky Me!

  1. Rebecca Fox says:

    Your quilting perfectly complements the quilts, Lisa! Brava! And those quilts…!! Well done, ladies!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!

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