Bernina cozy tutorial, part one

My poor naked Bernina: Helpless against dust and animal puke.

As you recall, I found an unpleasant surprise when I recently used my Bernina. In order to protect her from further acts of desecration, I have embarked upon a project to make a Bernina Cozy.

I’m making this way more complicated than it need be, but, like everything else, this is an excuse to try something different.

First, I measured the machine. I want my cozy to cover the machine while it’s set up and ready to go, so that all I need to do is dramatically lift off my cozy to reveal a machine with the table on, the pedal plugged in, and even the thread standing at attention. So, I measured front to back, top to bottom and side to side while all of this was assembled. Then I added two inches to each measurement. Part of that is for seam allowance, and the rest is for ease – loose fitting clothes for comfort.

Then I forgot the measurements. But that’s okay, because I won’t really need them for a while.

I want my cozy to be a random quilty type pattern, using some border pattern fabric that I picked up off the bargain table on a whim and never used. I’ve paired it with some natural cotton.

I cut the border fabric in various widths, at a length of about 22″, so I wouldn’t have to move my quilting ruler to cut it. The fussy cut stripes are measured so that the motif I want to use is bordered by about 3/8″ fabric on either side, to leave room for a 1/4″ seam allowance and some breathing room.

If you fussy cut fabric, be sure to leave a quarter inch for your seam allowance, plus some "breathing room" for your eyes and to make up for sewing boo boos!

After cutting the strips of designs, I cut the strips into various length pieces – 2.5″, 3.5″, 4″, 5″, and 5.5″. That’s what I got out of each strip.

I sewed the 5.5″ pieces to a muslin strip that was 1″ wide, and another strip that was 1.5″ wide. Then I cut them apart and pressed the seams open. Now all these pieces are 7″ wide. This is important, because I want all the other pieces to come out 7″ wide as well.

If you label your fabric piles with tape or post-its, you can save yourself some tedious mental math and remeasuring later on. The design fabric is 5.5" wide, with a 1" and a 1.5" strip on opposite sides. (Total = 8") This makes for a 7" wide finished block. Now I know that I need the strips for my other size blocks to total 8" before sewing!

It’s also important to me that I placed uneven strips on the sides of the feature fabric. This will make the design seem more random.

That’s as far as I got today, since Bernina had a tiff for about an hour. She kept sucking my thread into the bobbin and making a big mess. In the end, it was my fault (bad threading), and I had to apologize. We’ve made up.

More on this project later!

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3 Responses to Bernina cozy tutorial, part one

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I like your layout and your personalized stories (I wish you success in conquering your tempermental Bernina!)

    To your blogging success! (I know it can be hard to come up with things to write about everyday – I try to do it every week on my two blogs: and

    Best wishes,

  2. where is the second half ? I would love to see it as I need a cozy for my machine too

    cheers, Joanne

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