Sewing with expletives

Jen, the happy homemaker.

I love sewing shows. When I used to watch TV, I would always tune in to “Sewing with Nancy,” a wonderful PBS show featuring Nancy Zieman. My friend Jen and I have our own version of this show we call “Sewing with Expletives.” Jen and I used to hole up in my studio once in a while, where we would work on Halloween costumes, or whatever was on the menu that day, and end up stark raving silly by the end of the sewing session, swearing like sailors the entire time.

Jen came to visit me this weekend, and we revived our “Sewing with Expletives” show by making some vintage style aprons. The fabric was from my stash, about three yards of a bargain fabric I couldn’t resist at a tent sale a few years ago. The pattern was free, downloaded from the fabulous Being a vintage pattern, the instructions were, of course, rather sparse. The aprons were rather small, too, not being designed for size 12 ladies with cleavage to match. We remedied this by adding apron strings instead of using the button design called for in the original pattern.

Lisa, the pink nightmare.

Unfortunately, the cute little bib was a bit too little for me, as you can see in my photo. I may be able to make a new bib for this apron, one that is roughly twice as wide as the original. That may actually make it useful for cooking. Or I could just remove the bib and try this one again a different time.

At any rate, a good time was had by all, and no children’s ears were burned off in the creation of these aprons, because no children were within hearing distance of my studio.

Yay, Aprons! Yay, “Sewing with Expletives!”

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2 Responses to Sewing with expletives

  1. david says:

    Your facial expression puts the ‘non’ in ‘non-plussed’ with this 50s throwback.

  2. Lisa Yarost says:

    David, I was actually trying not to fall over from laughing, since the apron bib rested neatly inside my cleavage, rendering it fairly useless. Yeah, that pattern had definite sizing issues for busty size 12 ladies.

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