Today was not directly productive, studio-wise. Sure, I washed some fabrics that had been discovered in a mildewed box, and I cleared of my table – mostly – and I found a place for the fabrics that does not include a mildewed box…

But mostly I went out and did stuff.

I dubbed today “I Love You So Much I Sharpened All the Knives Day” after I packed up my three favorite pairs of scissors and *all* of our sharpenable knives to haul off to a “sharpening event” at the local quilt shop. There were so many that I was advised to go run errands and return in a few hours. We discovered that they are, indeed, sharp when DH accidentally cut holes in the washcloth while washing them before placing them back in the knife block. I was told they would make me love cooking again.

We’ll see.

Anyway, after returning with fantastically sharpened shears, I managed to mess around in the studio for a while and finish the little piece you see above.

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