Bad studio day (a.k.a. water hates me)

Today is a bad water day in the Yarost studio.

Not only am I having studio flooding from the torrential rain that has been falling all day, but I managed to capsize *two* containers of water on my drafting table, ruining one of my art pieces. A combination of laziness, frustration, and carelessness have cost me several hours of work and have prevented me from working on a couple of fabric projects that I had queued for today by soaking them, as well.

This makes me a grumpy artist.

I have already found a way to make some of my clutter pay. One of my stored art projects, consisting of several 4×6″ photos in small clip frames, has been on my nerves lately. It has been stored in its original packing, which was optimal for moving, but less so for storage purposes. I found an underutilized Patagonia shoe box, which just happened to fit the entire project perfectly!

The improvement is delightful, which has helped to soothe my big bad mood.

Old storage method on the left, new storage method on the right. Recycling bin, I love you!


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    2 Responses to Bad studio day (a.k.a. water hates me)

    1. Jim Klynstra says:

      Are we having fun?

    2. Lisa Yarost says:

      Not my best day, Dad. It also didn’t help that I was sore and tired from cleaning the back yard with Stuart on Saturday. I managed some more organization, though, so it could have been worse.

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