To Keep Inside

Hey! New series, second painting.


"To Keep Inside," 8x10", mixed media, by Lisa M. Yarost, Copyright 2011


Five points and a gold star to the first person who guesses the inspiration for this series.

This painting was again from one of the group of boards that I prepared a while back. I have a lot of 8×10″ hardboards, so I can do small works until my hands fall off. Let’s see… we have collage, acrylic gel medium, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, water soluble crayons (like watercolor pencils, but fat and without wood), and some excavation (destructive/subtractive) techniques. It’s all in there but the fabric!

Oh, and good news: I’m getting my sales tax ID soon! Now I can enter art and craft shows as a vendor! Yippee!

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2 Responses to To Keep Inside

  1. Lisa says:

    Another great one!

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