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I Survived the Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 21, 12:54AM.  I hear the cat rummaging around at her feeding station and I yell, “Knock it off!…Go lay down!…Go to bed!”  The crashing and thrashing continues so I resolve to get up to see what the hullaballoo … Continue reading

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Pesto Pestival

Over the weekend I was gifted a bag of cilantro and a bag of garlic mustard.  I say “gifted” because I’ve recently learned that both plants have great potential to help me in my continued healing from MCS (Multiple Chemical … Continue reading

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Plumber Belly

6:10 Decide that it’s time to replace the leaking faucet and realize this could take several days. Got consultation at 6:15 Ask sweetheart–who is busy building a sauna–if there’s anything I need to know about replacing faucets since I’ve … Continue reading

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Room to Grow – Seed Starting

I have wanted to start seeds since beginning to garden oh so many years ago.  I’ve made a few lame attempts that ended in failure or, more often, I just don’t get around to it early enough.  I also have … Continue reading

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“We are the 52%”

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Blue Balls: Christmas Gift-making Craze Revisited

    In December, my sweetheart, hoping that I’d find a good use for it, gave me a favored blue sweater that, sadly, clothes moths had ruined.  What to do, what to do with an old, moth-eaten sweater and a scrap wool … Continue reading

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Room to Grow II

Finally it’s after the holidays, and I can start posting all of the presents I made–and grew–without fear of spoiling the surprise.  While I was ordering spring bulbs for a garden design job I had in October, I decided that my family … Continue reading

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Spreading a Little Magic…

Service to humans isn’t just for the dogs.  Mini horses can do the same work and live decades longer than dogs.  Minis can easily live beyond 40-years-old.  Check out the mini, Magic, who was named the Most Heroic Animal in … Continue reading

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Room to Grow

On this sunny but cold, glorious winter day the amaryllis in my studio continue to reach their first buds towards the light in the warmth of my wood-fired home.  They are products of my latest endeavors.  In October I quit … Continue reading

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Can I Have a “Changelujah!!”?

WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY?  Reverend Billy has shared his movie about the SHOPOCALYPSE.  “Here in the high holy days of our theological year”, Lisa and I thought we would share too.  So click the link above to watch the movie … Continue reading

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