Old Spice

Once you’ve been cooking a while, you realize that, although spices don’t have expiration dates, there’s probably a time to let them go. Some people say that the limit is one year, but I think they’re taking kickbacks from the spice companies.

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3 Responses to Old Spice

  1. Rebecca Fox says:

    What!? Cardamom? How could you not use that? Great with coffee 🙂

    • Lisa Yarost says:

      I realized when I was trying to think of a spice to draw for that cartoon that I have no idea how to use cardamom. There are other mysterious spices in my spice rack. They come out for recipes, but I never spontaneously pull them to add seasonings on my own.

      Cardamom in coffee, hm?

      • Rebecca Fox says:

        Cardamom is one of my favorites. If a recipe calls for nutmeg, I’ll usually put a pinch of cardamom in too. In fact, I put a bit in the carrot cake I made over the weekend. It’s also usually in chai tea recipes. I’ll be sharing one here soon.

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