How does she do that?

Zoe is cute. She’s an American Eskimo Dog, rescued from the pound roughly twelve years ago. She’s ALWAYS cute.

Something magical happens, however, when the baby carrots come out of the fridge each morning: She turns chibi. Kawaii. SQUEE!

So, this is for you, Zoe. SQUEE!

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2 Responses to How does she do that?

  1. mkultra76 says:

    Love the picture!! Our much loved Eskie, Nick, passed away earlier this year. We have an Eskie puppy now.

    • Lisa Yarost says:

      I adore my Zoe. She’s really a great dog – smartest I’ve ever had, and I’m a little sad that I missed her super-duper adorable puppy phase. When people see her, they ask about getting an Eskie. I generally tend to discourage them, though, because the breed really isn’t for everybody. After all, not all people want profusely shedding, hyper-alert barkers.

      Other than that, she’s perfect. Hehe

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