A Small Secret


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7 Responses to A Small Secret

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel the need to share this one.

  2. Mark says:

    Wabbit food. 8-D
    Don’t get me going on Agri-business though. I usually end up like those old movies from pre-WWII of some dictator screaming unintelligibly about some thing.
    The only solution seems to be to grow your own heirloom veggies in a pot or in your back yard. It’s become such an issue I’ve seen rebuttal ad’s from the big guys like Monsanto et al telling everyone not to panic that everything is fine-in a presentation that cost, I’d say, about 500k. Everything’s just fine and oh by the way just keep eating that tainted stuff Grrr
    See? I’m off and running- sorry

    • Lisa Yarost says:

      Mark, we have a garden, but this year our main crop was squash. Did you know you can eat too much squash? Yeah, it’s entirely possible to get sick to death of it. So… I’ll eat the grocery store stuff too. ‘Cause sometimes that’s all there is.

    • Rebecca Fox says:

      I’m with you, Mark. Save your seeds. Lisa hears this from me nearly every day. She’d probably rather eat a giant salad than listen to me talk about it any more. Have you heard the latest about olive oil? SIGH.

      • Mark says:

        Rice, beans, squash, turnip, sweet potato’s, kale and hot sauce. Very nice chile.
        If I consume too much green food I become green. That’s not good.
        Are you aware they treat spuds with a chemical to make them NOT sprout eyes? They spray it on the plant so it’s IN the spud and can’t be washed off.
        This really isn’t the way I wanted to live. Not like this at all . . .

  3. Rebecca Fox says:

    I get tired of chewing too.

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