Unreasonable demand #2, and a pony.

Because a million dollars isn't enough.

"...and a pony (unreasonable demand #2)" - ink on paper, 5x7", Copyright 2011, Lisa Yarost

Demands always sound much more unreasonable when you add a pony to them.

What do you demand? Say it loud and clear, and make sure it’s unreasonable! Add it to my post comments and I will try to draw a pretty picture of it for this blog. Any demands that are not unreasonable enough may either have a pony or a cookie added to them for emphasis.

I can’t hear you… put some more WHINE into it, you wuss!

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6 Responses to Unreasonable demand #2, and a pony.

  1. Rebecca Fox says:

    I could so get you a pony. Piece of cake.

  2. Laura H says:

    I want a high paying job – close to home and a maid riding a pony

  3. Laura H says:

    (Ref your banner) I want to be tranquility girl, slim, with a beautiful face, great hair and abundant… tranquilty. (ask your dear husband if I’m capable of this)

    Did you make her on Bernina? I have a similar model.

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