Obsession, collage on watercolor paper, copyright 2011, Lisa M. Yarost

I had the pleasure of Rebecca’s company in my studio last week. We were going to create our first posts together, a hand portrait. At the last moment, Rebecca suggested we create dream board collages for the new year.

She had no idea what she was asking me to do.

I don’t often create collages, and it is not because I find them unappealing. It is because I am a control freak when it comes to my artwork. Creating collages involves finding the right image, cutting it out, pasting it down in the right spot, and working from there. As an artist who works digitally, I can’t help but cheat on this. I find the “almost right” image, adjust it until it’s exactly the way I want, and then go about adjusting the next “almost right” image. A simple collage takes me FOREVER. To top it off, I ended up doodling in all the corners to keep it from looking too precious. Witness: Obsession, or Attack of the Killer Paisleys.

Obsession - detail

Life is too short for me to become a collage artist.


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