First Post…


First Day.

First Sketch.

First Horse.

First Love.


The beginning is well-worn by the path to the end.


I am an interdisciplinary artist.  This means I dance, I photograph, I map, I move, I film, I print, I bind books, I paint, I draw…. I haven’t drawn since sometime in 2008 and I was met with a considerable amount of fear when Lisa suggested that we commit to creating every day.  I found the thought of drawing terrifying: more terrifying than a first ride on a green horse.

I can’t remember when I first began drawing horses or when I first saw a horse.  Sure, lots of little girls like horses, but I am one of those rare creatures that came out of the womb with horses in my heart.  I could not and cannot live without them.  I would not have escaped adolescence with my sanity without my first horse.  These first, quick, life sketches on the first day of 2011 are not of my first horse–he passed away in 2005 at the age of 36–but if she lives as long as my first, these may be sketches of my last horse.  If you were to ask me which would be more important to the well-being and education of a little girl–a horse or a computer–I would emphatically reply, “A horse.”

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