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Juki and Me

I recently bought a used machine quilting frame, complete with a quasi-industrial Juki 98E. It has a longer throat space than my Bernina has, and it sews much faster. ¬†Unfortunately, it was missing bobbins when I bought it, so I … Continue reading

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iPhone use #463

Proving to the cashier that your books are supposed to be 40% off. The folks at my local JoAnn fabrics are great. They are always friendly and helpful, despite not-so-great hours, not-so-great pay, and not-always-so-great customers. When my book purchase … Continue reading

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My first “jelly roll” quilt

There is a fun quilt technique I learned about at the quilt shop the other day. Excuse me for being behind the times, but when I heard about the 1600 jelly roll race quilt, I had to try it. You … Continue reading

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Another quilt block!

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I can explain…

No, it’s not Soylent Green. This is just Hubby’s way of making sure this lid isn’t used for cat food.

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Cookie Pusher

It’s amusing to see adults get excited about buying Girl Scout cookies. Happy is the Girl Scout who has access to a large corporate office. To her go the spoils. Seriously, this is a great cause. If you’re looking for … Continue reading

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Quintessential, Wisconsin

This incident courtesy of Rebecca and her sweetie, who is learning to limit his words to three syllables or fewer when shopping for cheese.

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Embrace the Dork Side!

You, too, can be the envy of all your friends! Thanks to me, (not really, but let’s pretend) sock monkey hats are a “Thing!” $9 for an Adult Size Sock Monkey Knit Hat with Poly-Fleece Lining in Brown or Gray. … Continue reading

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Beverage of choice

Clearly the answer is to drink beer at work.

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I’ve got your back

It’s like nobody telling you that there’s something in your teeth… only ten times worse.

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