Work in Progress: Hanging Out

This is the stretch silk charmeuse fabric I dyed last night hanging out in a fare facsimile of the finished convertible dress.  Fabric that is cut on the bias–as the skirt of this dress is–must hang for a while to acquire it’s proper drape.

The hanging process inevitably causes my well-calculated waist opening to become too large no matter how much I try to compensate by subtracting inches from my calculations.  I couldn’t sew the entire garment together to begin with as I didn’t have thread that would dye to the color of the fabric.  Therefore the pieces that make up the ninety-inch-long straps are basted together.

I’m trying to decide which color to place at the bust-line and, once sewn together, I may over-dye the whole thing again with chartreuse to liven up the olive-grey green at the bottom and to make the blue a little greener.

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2 Responses to Work in Progress: Hanging Out

  1. Lisa Yarost says:

    Okay, this is freaking GORGEOUS!!! I can’t believe you accomplished all of this in one weekend. Well, after a week or so of preparation. 😉 I can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Rebecca Fox says:

    THANKS, Lisa!! The dress pattern is REALLY simple (though I’m working on ways to complicate it as we speak.). Once the ombre process is started you have to run with it: no stopping or turning back. I was delighted to get through the process without any major accidents. I had to make the whole sink area immaculate before and after the process too which means I lost the use of the kitchen sink for the day.

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