Inner life


drawing of paisley covered woman

"Inner Life" - Ink on paper, 5x7" Copyright Lisa M. Yarost, 2011


An Inner Life. We all have one. Sometimes it is quiet, unable to be noticed or heard through the rush of everyday life. Sometimes we try to ignore it, hoping that we will forget it may be neglected. Sometimes it backs up like a clogged drain, letting us know, without a doubt, that it is in trouble.

Yet, it is always there.

When we choose to nurture our inner life, it springs forth in energy and creativity. It rewards us greatly for anything that we offer it.

Several years ago, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Although I had graduated from art school, I had not created any art in several years. I happened upon The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron, and I decided to give it a try.

It was quite a commitment. I woke up at 4:30A.M. in order to write my three morning pages before I showered and went to work at 6:00A.M.  I took walks every day (well, a run with my then young border collie/australian shepherd mix Annie), and I made weekly “artist dates” with myself in order to nourish my inner life.

The payback was more than I ever expected. I was able to pull myself out of a persistent depression, and I started creating and feeling happy for the first time in years. It helped me more than any psychologist ever could have done.

While I find it difficult to carve out the full “Artist’s Way” regimen, I still turn to some of Julie Cameron’s methods to pull me out of the doldrums. I’ll take a quiet time out, even if for a few minutes, I’ll sit down with my sketchbook (which I have returned to my purse so that it is always within reach), and I give myself a chance to have fun, on my own, so that I can feed my inner life.

And she always pays me back, tenfold.

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  1. Hi there!

    I have just started the twelve week course, The Artist’s Way, and I am finding it soo difficult to write the morning pages! I just really do not enjoy it. But I am very excited about what I am hopefully going to take from this course*


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