The First Post

Every blog must begin with The First Post, usually some sort of introduction to the blog’s grand plan and purpose.

Rebecca and I, both interdisciplinary artists, have decided that we need to make more art, for the sake of our physical and mental health. Our art may not always be visual, and it may not always be fine, but we have agreed to enter a daily practice, apart and together at the same time, structured on the theme of “A Woman A Day.”

What will this look like? We are not yet sure, but we are looking forward to finding out.

So, welcome. Enjoy the ride.


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4 Responses to The First Post

  1. This is fantastic. I can absolutely understand the need to create and I appreciate the commitment to daily posts and the willingness to explore what may be, at some times, personal. Look forward to following.

  2. Jim Klynstra says:

    This will be fun, it is on my favorite web sites.

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