Blue Convertible Dress Converted to Green

Let’s begin the post with a little disclaimer.  The dress looks great on the dress form, but I think it’s important to see clothing on a real, live, squishy, active human.  I’m not the most photogenic person, especially when I’m trying to photograph myself.  Also, I’m no Brooke Shields (though I have her eyebrows).  I’m pretty good at a lot of stuff but never spent hours posing and smiling in front of a mirror.  I am, however, very happy with my body.  It’s useful (though I wish it were a little bigger so it’d be stronger), doesn’t get sick, doesn’t hurt and didn’t do all the stuff that other middle-aged women said it would when I hit thirty and then forty because I take care of it.  I know men and women in their sixties that are way more sexy than any thirty-year-old and my dad, who takes no prescription meds, reroofed his house when he was seventy-three.  Also, my mom is hot.  I wish you all would get over the age thing.  Forty is way more fabuloso than twenty….There.

Now that that’s over…Here’s my convertible dress. Yup, now it’s green.  I didn’t like the blue so I over-dyed it with chartreuse way back in February.  I finally finished the sewing and engineering a few weeks ago.  I’m relatively pleased with it though I think a person with a fuller figure would have more versatility with it .  The fabric is gorgeous; it’s comfortable; and seems like it offers enough security to avoid malfunctions.

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3 Responses to Blue Convertible Dress Converted to Green

  1. Fiona says: I love it.

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