Bucking the System with Horse Haiku

Yay!  I managed to get two pieces ready for a show in one week.  At least graduate school has me well-practiced at getting no sleep.  So…my latest quandary?  I can’t figure out how to hang these things.  Clearly the Asian scroll method used on Horse Haiku is not going to work.  It looks like a house: horse house.

Part of my grand scheme to buck the system is to manipulate “them” into hanging it in a particular way.  I’ve yet to see any gallery that actually knows how to professionally hang a picture (No, just banging whatever sharp metal apparatus that’s handy into the wall is not how it’s done.).  I also have this terrible history of being hung in the world’s worst places: usually the bathroom.  At least I have a captive audience for a few minutes, right?  It’s not that I feel my work is inferior.  It’s just that my  bold, black woodcuts in their handmade, cherry-wood frames stick out like a sore thumb amongst the glossy black metal frames and colorfully glazed landscapes.

This oddly shaped, impossible-to-hang latest work is sure to get me a spot in an out-of-the-way corner or the bathroom but at least I know this ahead of time.

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2 Responses to Bucking the System with Horse Haiku

  1. Sharon Klynstra says:

    I really like this and it would not end up in MY bathroom.

    Lisa’s Mom

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