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Dyeing in Process

Arranging fabric on pulley system in preparation for dyeing.  Yup, pulley works.  Yay! Fabric being dyed main color: teal blue that doesn’t really look teal. Under-dyeing with ombre technique using teal blue. About an hour later: Over-dyeing in bronze using … Continue reading

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Swatch Me Ombre

Ah, more dyeing adventures and another work in progress….Just to complicate the dyeing process of a silk dress-in-the-works, I’ve decided that I would give ombre dyeing a shot.  It didn’t go too badly with these small strips of silk.

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I recently purchased twelve yards of stretch silk charmeuse with the intention of making an infinity dress.  Usually I bravely dive into the dyeing process in such a way that no sane person would: throwing the careful measured process of … Continue reading

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Mysterious Mapping

My spare time today was spent working on my Sketchbook Project sketchbook with the theme, “Mysterious Mapping”.  The basis for the project is a labyrinth.  I’ve yet to fully realize the end-product. For me the labyrinth is a symbol for … Continue reading

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