Transformational Ballroom: Rebecca the Dancer

This is rare video of me dancing.  I think this is the third time I’ve seen myself dance in the last ten years.  It’s so nice to see the improvement.  Thank you Stephen Kelly and GlidingOnAir for the video.

The method of dance that I practice and teach was developed by Mykl Werth who teaches at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.  It is entirely improvisational. There are no set steps, combinations or patterns and is taught through a series of exercises that teach (actually, re-teach) us how to move.  The dance is based entirely on shared balance and mutual connection.  This means there is no specified “lead”.  The male does not initiate all movement and the woman can initiate her own movements (Really, it is 2011 isn’t it?).  Just about anything goes  as long as the action doesn’t upset the delicate balance of the couple in any way. Ideally at the best moments, it doesn’t feel like anyone is leading: that the movement has a life of its own.   The true leaders are the music and the heart.

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